Redostrike Shiny Pokémon

  Welcome on my new shiny site.  

Welcome on my pokémon shiny site. I have been hunting shiny's for a while now and i like to create websites. So i put both of my hobbys togheter and created some kind of database for myself and others to enjoy my shiny pokémon collection. I'm not a very active shiny hunter its rather as entertainment and i sometime start to lack intrest after a specific period of time. Later on i might come back at hunting and therefore i leave this website alive. Ive learend alot from fellow shiny hunters in the past and i tried to put this all down on this website offcourse most of it might be outdated by the time you read it and some types of hunting may be diffrent or impossible for some kind of targets you have in mind. All in all it's just a matter of killing the time. I hope you enjoy what i did and enjoy your hunts. Here is one of my youtube vids for you to watch.