Welcome on my Gaming site. Here you can see what i have collected over the years. I never ment to collect at first. In 2005 i already had lots of nintendo stuff and i was crazy about the pokémon games (still am). So i decided to start a nintendo collection, mario has always been another favorite game for me wich is still enjoy playing. When the Wii and the DS system came out i totally was sold to Nintendo. Now we are all waiting for the DSI and i hope it will be as great as nintendo promises us. Will keep on collecting and try to update my site whit what i won. At the moment there are no picture yet but i'm going to take some. I do not have a game room at the moment but i have plans on doing that when i'm going to live whit my girfriend (tommorow we are 4 years togheter). You probably dont even read this. Just click the menu to look at the stuff i have.